NYX Brows

BROWS. It’s what frames the eyes and help define each one of us to look different and unique. It’s the latest makeup trend right now: clean, big, and bold. Everyone’s doing it, but it’s not as easy as it looks. Honestly, it took me a while for me to find the right way to do my eyebrows. You have to think about things like what do you prefer pencil, gel, or powder? what color? waterproof or not? And most importantly… how to fill it in. But we’ll touch base on that another day. On today’s post I want to talk about what I use to fill my eyebrows.

I’m a budget-friendly kind of gal. If it’s cheap, and it works, and looks great, then I’m all over it! So whatchu know about NYX? I love it. It’s not too expensive, quality is pretty great. I’m in love with their Auto Eyebrow Pencil. It’s retractable, has a brush on the other side, and best of all… has the best color for me especially since no other brand carries a color, like this: grey. Yes, grey. My hair is black, there for, to me, grey looks more natural than brown, which is what every other brand carries. The color is called Charcoal (EP07) described onthe nyx.com website as a “cool toned dark grey.” I just fill in my brows where it’s sparse, flip to the brush to blend it and BOOM. Done. Another nice thing about the pencil is that the pencil “lead” is kind of angular shaped to help you create more natural looking strokes. The pencil retails for $4.75 on the website.

If I want really define and sculpted eyebrows, I’ll use NYX’s Eyebrow Cake Powder in Black/Grey (ECP01). I’ll take a small slanted eyeliner brush to use the wax and both colors to create dimension. I can create more precise lines (best used when I know I’ll be photographed ;]). This product retails on the website for a whopping $6.00!

So, I would highly recommend NYX eyebrow products, especially if you have black hair and you’re looking for a color more natural, check out the grey shades!!! Remember to have fun and experiment. You never know til you try.

Auto Eyebrow shades:

Auto Eyebrow Pencil - colorsShades for eyebrow cake powder: