The #dontjudgechallenge is basically a thing on social media where people draw a unibrow on themselves, put random marks on their face imitating acne or some kind of weird skin condition, maybe draw some stuff on their teeth and mess up their hair. All of the sudden, they get a lotion bottle and take some of the lotion and put it on their face like a magic cream,  and reach over to cover the lens of the camera they are recording from. All of a sudden, they uncover the camera lens and they become hot stuff… Like I mean, these people are pretty good looking. They have their hair done, makeup done, fresh clothes, etc…

So what are people trying to achieve by doing this again?


So basically this challenge is a big F-YOU to those people who don’t fit in to those standards of beauty. The people who even though they try hard to fit in to those standards, never will. An Anti-Body Shaming Campaign? Uh… no.

This article on Time.com has a pretty good view on the issue. Click here for article.

I’d like to see the girls who do this just post themselves with no makeup instead of drawing all over their faces. Damn, for all of you that know me and see me at school and around town, you know I don’t wear loads of makeup on a daily basis and I be lookin’ EFFED UP and tired, but you all know I can get SUPER on point when I do my makeup and get dressed up. So that’s my #dontjudgechallenge. I let people know what I really look like and by going outside in public in my natural state makes it known that I’m comfortable with that.  No hate to all the people that do this challenge, it’s just that I would have more respect if it was you just waking up in the morning and then getting all ready instead of you making yourself into what you perceive as “ugly”. Think about it. You’re saying “Don’t Judge” but you just judged the hell out of that person with the unibrow, pockmarked face, and glasses by categorizing them as unattractive.

Just think about why you’re doing what you’re doing.

Encourage others to feel good about themselves. Don’t do something hypocritical like doing this challenge.

Listen to what this person has to say.

But if you really have to do this challenge, I think this way is way more like it…

#dontjudgechallenge should be …. Instead of pretending to be ugly. Be yourself.

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Donna Diaries: The Journey to A New Me & #GrannyHair.

So recently, I’ve wanted to make a change in my appearance and my lifestyle.
I feel like I’ve been confined in my little box that I called my life, but I wasn’t really living.

See, I’m the type of person who doesn’t need to go out all the time to be happy. I like sitting in the same spot all day eating chocolate and watching Netflix. I love staying inside and sleeping. I love time to myself. Then I thought again, why do I love doing this so much? Well.. it’s because I don’t like taking chances. I don’t really like being spontaneous. I hate surprises. I never had a surprise birthday party and I tell everyone not to plan anything that will surprise me. So it’s not that I hate going out, I just am not spontaneous enough to say I like being spontaneous.

What I’m trying to do now is get out there and have fun.  Like, actually go to where my friends invite me, hang out with people that I want to learn more about, go to the gym, and dye my hair.

My point for telling you this  is that you should do things for you and you only. Put yourself out there and do something different. It will make you a happier person in the end.

Good luck on your journeys!